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buySecure solution

Key system functionalities
  • Full web-based solution
  • Roles and users profiles easy for you to customize based on your business requirements
  • Content personalization up to each individual code/product
  • Messages linked to each code available up to 5 languages
  • Real time content management and modification
  • Queries geo-localization and supply chain control
  • Codes activation both manual and automated, timing of activation decided by you
  • Easy integration and data exchange with your ERP and production management systems

Based upon its processes and requirements, the Manufacturer decides:

  • whether to use NFC or QRCode / Datamatrix or GS1 Datamatrix to represent the codes on each product
  • how to print and apply them
  • whether to use 3C System supplied codes, individual product codes it is already using or a mix of them
buySecure code application

on products
What makes buySecure unique
  • Effective and automatic verification of actual product purchase
  • Coding representation the best fits your requirements
  • Integration with existing unique coding, if already implemented
  • Codes management and activation based on your business needs
  • Real time content management, reporting of consumer behaviour and supply chain control
  • Management of product returns, effective notification of expiry dates and product recalls
  • Possibility to activate promotions to verified product purchasers
  • Low implementation and total ownership costs

Why buySecure ?


  • Identify raw materials, ingredients and sub-components of each individual product
  • Stay ahead of international product compliance and legislation
  • Easily print, apply and activate codes on your products
  • Manage full integration with ERP and internal IT system, with ease and at reasonable costs


  • Monitor each individual product inside a box, each box inside a pallet and up to a container
  • Verify the location of containers, pallets, boxes and products around the world
  • Trace your products along the worldwide supply chain
  • Grant assurance to retail partners with GS1 standards integration


  • Protect each product from any fraud attempt
  • Grant a certificate of originality
  • Make the verification process extremely easy and secure during legal controls
  • Stop uncontrolled resale of stolen goods


  • Send real time information to consumers in case of product’s recall
  • Allow product return and code reactivation to the purchaser
  • Control and verify 3rd party productions
  • Avoid commercial and legal fees with preventive recall of non-compliant products


  • Access reporting information of each product in real time
  • Know where and when your product is sold and who is buying it
  • Verify market dynamics and effectiveness of marketing activity in real time
  • Identify illegal dumping activity and parallel unauthorized distribution channels


  • Modify promotional messages in real time to create purchase incentives for your product
  • Develop direct marketing campaigns to target purchasers of your products
  • Deliver effective communication to consumers of your choice, using push notifications
  • Inform consumers about quality standards that your retailers should comply with



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